Super Natural Powers
Science has made us aware that the world is more fascinating and much stranger than our ancestors believed. 33. My loved ones and I live in a rural part of the prairies. Going shopping in big box store or a mall is an all day affair. To put it simply, just driving into a community thats adequately sizable to have such shopping facilities may take more time than the actually time spent shopping. Library, or trips to the doctor, theater demands a concerted effort, as soon as a roundtrip to the volunteer run theatre takes the best part of 100 miles, you wonder whether the movie is worth seeing! – But there are perks living this far out. 

We might walk outside and watch a set of binoculars, with stars all or the Milky Way in excellent detail. Spectacular Northern Light shows, which set fire with the sky, are enjoyed to the fullest. As are the wings of tens of thousands of migrating geese, cranes, swans, and ducks each spring and autumn. Seen the moon and sun play tricks from the ice winter air, filled: moon and sun dogs halos that are unusual, alongside other surreal occurrence that is light. Weve also observed a multitude of other phenomena: sky bands, bead trimming and light arches mirages whirlwinds tornadoes, and tens of thousands of snowballs falling from the skies from the middle of a sweltering August day. 

Through the years my family and I’ve witnessed a multitude of beautiful and unusual natural wonders. Why am I telling you all this? Since Colin Wilson was correct: the world is a strange and intriguing place. Furthermore, our immediate world and the bigger world is still a place where human science could be completely confounded. Science, in its own pure form, is chiefly concerned together with what’s observable, testable, and repeatable. But pure science, both in the previous and present, has frequently had its fingers in a different pie: metaphysics, the philosophical inquiry into the basis of reality i.e., religion. 

What’s more, science became increasingly intrigued in exploring the possibilities of draw on the supernatural. Take, for example, a published report by Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metrics. This report, titled Teleportation Physics Study, was produced and paid for by the US Air Force Research Laboratory in Edwards Air Force Base. Technical in its own nature, the report delves into aspects of quantum physics and its own relationship to space and time, something which I find fascinating, even when Im frequently lost by the complex terminology.

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May 20, 2019

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